Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where did August GO!!!!!!!!

Ok seriously I haven't even sat down to look at my blog let alone post something new! There are a few reasons why. I've been introduced to facebook, our computer took a "break", and school! Needless to say time is flying by. I'm so excited for the next few weeks. It is the midwests redeeming season. Autumn harvest time. We love it! Tanners, Pumpkin Festival, the crisp air- yet is still warm, Chilli, football, etc. God is very visual in the leaves changing colors and the fields coming down and I just love it.

We had a great August though. I was able to visit my sister for her 40th birthday. My mom, Sheila, Susan and I flew down and spent 3 very fun and relaxing days in honor of Jenny! She is such a wonderful Godly woman and I'm so grateful for her as a sister and a friend!

My fingerprints finally cleared after being printed 4 times. They ended up doing a name-based clearance so on we go with this second adoption. We will see. Cole started his Junior year, Shelby is a Freshman and Piper is in 6th grade. They are all doing well and I praise the Lord for them and what they mean to our family.

Hope everyone is great! Happy Fall!

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Nichole said...

YAY, for your fingerprints clearing!! I bet that felt great. I can't wait to see who God has to join your family.

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