Sunday, September 5, 2010

Off to Zhengzhou!

Hey everybody…it's Missy!  Just wanted to say Hi and give Dave a little break with the post.  Today we flew from Bejing to Zhengzhou, the province where Mack is.  9 families traveled with us.  There were 19 total families with us in Bejing so it feels smaller and yet when we traveled to Luke's province it was us alone so this is very different!  Wednesday morning when we were leaving Peoria at 5am and I was talking Dave's ear off already he turned to me and said, "You need a friend!"  I thought that was so funny, but I have plenty of people to talk to now having spent 4 full days with them and they are all wonderful!  I can't wait to meet all their little people after hearing the stories of why, how and who they are adopting!


We will be leaving the Hotel at 9:30am to drive to meet Mack.  I have to admit, I don't have the same fears as I had experienced when I met Luke.  I do have some, but I think I'm just trying so hard to remain aware of everything going on around me and take it all in that I've allowed myself to relax a bit.  I'm really tired and don't feel "ready" to go for it, but I will!


After we arrived here in Zhengzhou Dave went to the bank with the guide to change money.  After that we walked many blocks in pouring down rain to the Wal-Mart.  We bought snacks, wipes, a few toys and a ping pong paddle.  There are ping pong tables in the recreation area and Dave and another family bought paddles and are going to play some.  We also ate dinner with the two families that we went to Wal-Mart with.  We found a Sichaun Chinese Restaurant and had to point to pictures to order.  These people were very adventurous (CaliforniansJ) and ordered jelly fish and squid!  Most everything was very good and of course family style so we got to try everything. 


Love you all and miss everyone so much!  More later,


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