Monday, January 10, 2011

Four Months Home!

It seems ridiculous, even to me, that I have not posted anything in 4 months! Honestly where has the time gone - and yet it feels like an eternity since we've been home. I will just give a short recap. The first few weeks were a blur. When we came home my 89 yr old Grandmother was very ill and ended up passing on Sept. 28th. It was a very hard week. My parents were by her bedside in Iowa and we were at home, sleep deprived and jet lagged and wondering when and if we should visit. We did finally visit a few days before she died. I was able to let her know I got home safely and she met Mack. So did my dad who hadn't seen him yet. A week later I was with all my dad's family celebrating my Grandmother and enjoying each others company. The next few weeks consisted of earning Mack's trust and helping him and Luke get along. Mack is like a little tornado at age 22 months, it doesn't take much for him to destroy something. Helping him learn the boundaries at home took alot of time too. But, as the weeks went by everyday got better and better. Thank you so much to my friends who stepped up while my mom was gone and sent meals, gifts and took Luke! I really appreciated it!

Now it seems we've gotten over the hump! The boys are getting along so much better and the trust factor between Mack and each one of us has improved alot. He had surgery on Jan. 3 (circumcision and hydrolectmy) and unfortunately for him every time he goes through something hard it is a great bonding moment for us! We love him so much and have enjoyed his little personality emerging out from behind a very cautious little boy! He is loving and thinks Luke is so great. He mimicks everything he does. But, I must say the busyness has been difficult for me. I have had to really buck up and realize this is a temporary time in my life and God has blessed me with the chance to spend time with, and create a loving home for these little guys. I don't do it in my own strength though... the Lord has motivated me to put my own personal desires aside and spend time with them right now! Seriously they are fighting right now and I wonder why I haven't done this before now :) Ugh!

We had Mack dedicated on Christmas by my Uncle Tom. It was special to have my sister's family and cousins from out of town. His 2nd birthday is Feb. 9 so that will be the next milestone! We are so happy he his part of our family! Yea God!

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