Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

It's Missy.. we have been home for 24 hours now and it's starting to feel "normal". I mean physically speaking. I was up at 3 and Mack was up at 4:30. We both took long naps. Hopefully tonight will go better. But, to back up a little this is how our trip home went.

Wednesday evening at 7 we boarded a mini-van and headed to Guangzhou airport. When we got there we checked in normally, but starting through security we got hung up in a large crowd of people at a total standstill. No one was moving through the "wellness check", yes they could check you for fever and one of our travel mates did get checked, but that wasn't the hold up. Apparently there was some kind of problem and they weren't letting anyone through. We stood there for 2 hours with military police and all sorts of other authority types going through the crowd. We could tell they were taking pictures because there were flashes of light on the othe side of the wall. You know me...I had all sorts of things going on in my head. Ultimately we got in, through customs/immigration, sweating and running to our gate literally the last people on the plane. We arrived in Hong Kong at 12 midnight checked into a hotel attached to the airport at 1 and slept til 8am. When we woke up everyone was texting us pictures from Pumpkin Fesstival and we were wishing our way home! We left Hong Kong at 12:35pm and arrived at 2:15 pm the same day Thursday, Sept. 16th. 15 hours in the air and only two passed in time from getting on the plane and getting off the plane. The trip was fine, we couldn't sleep and Mack climbed all over Dave, but his demenor was good. He didn't scream alot and he did sleep 5 hours. When we got to Chicago we had to go through immigration and for us this is special because it is the moment Mack becomes a US citizen. Dave said he will write about this later. He hasn't been feeling well since we left China. We once again barely made our connection but once in the air it felt so good to almost be home! We were greeted by our dearest family willing to miss the PF and greet our little guy!:) Luke came running with a balloon for Mack and the biggest hug that brought tears to my eyes saying, "I'm so happy mama."

Today has been more getting to know each other. Mack is very fond of the older kids. He was only with them a couple hours last night but when they left for school he cried at the slidding glass doors waving goodbye. He and Luke have done well...Mack knows no boundaries so this is something we will work on. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and encouraging words to us while we were gone. It was so hard for this mom to leave 4 kids behind. Because my extended family is going through a hard time a lot of people stepped up to help my kids and I can't say words that would express my gratitude. More importantly I want to thank Cole, Shelby and Piper for being strong when things felt very insecure and for persevering when things got tough. You are all very responsible young adults and I'm very proud of you. God called our whole family to bring in these two little Chinese boys and you have embraced this calling sometimes better than me. When I feel insecure you all encourage me in different ways! Thank you!
We will keep posting as we learn new things about this new addition to our family.

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