Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wisconsin in July

Surgery Scheduled

This past Monday July 21st Luke had an appointment with Dr. Elwood, the pediatric plastic surgeon that is going to fix his palatte. Everything went great and the surgery has been scheduled for August 20th. He will be exactly 22 months that day and we are grateful that they are moving along with everything. We were told that it will be about two hours, one or two night stay and three weeks of soft blended diet. So far that is about all we know. We are going to see Dr. Hertenstein before to make sure he doesn't need tubes in his ears, and the pediatric urologist about his circumcision. Hopefully they will just do it all that day! He is doing great. We are finally starting to see real bonding. When other people want to hold him he is resisting and wanting to stay with one of us. Of course I don't want him to totally freak out, but it is nice to see him put the pieces together in his mind that we are his people and he belongs to us! Everyone keeps asking us how it is going. I have nothing to compare it too but I feel like we are doing great. The schedule is a little hectic but summer always is.

We need to recognize Shelby turned 14 on July 21st. That's hard to believe. She went to Boston for the weekend with Grandma, Grandpa and Jake. She and Jake flew too Charlotte and that is where she is now spending the week with the Hatfields. We will be meeting her down there this weekend. I really miss her and her extra pair of hands. She is so helpful with Luke. Cole and Piper have stepped up for sure. What will I do when they go back to school. Just Kidding!

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