Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Luke's first 4th!

First visits

One Week Home

Hey everyone! Well it has been a week and a few days since we arrived home and Dave is so busy jumping back into life at work that blogging isn't a priority! Sorry! So here I go giving it my best effort.

Luke has done well adjusting. He is sleeping great and eating well. He plays well and enjoys the pool and lake so much. We went to the doctor on Monday when we got home. We were there for three hours. They checked everything! They took 10 viles of blood. When you don't have any medical history they have to have something to start with. So far everything is fine! The best was the questions about his age develpment. Because he was 20 months they started asking me the 24 month questions. He doesn't do any of the stuff they were asking, so we moved to the 18 month questions. I think I answered yes to one of the questions. The best one was "If you say a body part will he point to it?" I was like, "We don't even speak the same language-so no he can't do that." We were all laughing. So needless to say that didn't really prove much and we will be re-evaluating at 2.
They referred us to a pediatric plastic surgeon and pediatric urologist. Our appointment with the plastic surgeon is July 21st. So we will have more information about how the palatte will be treated after that.
We just spent 4 days at Oak Run with all the family for the 4th of July. I'm going to add pictures tomorrow when I can get Cole to help me. Thanks again to everyone for all your support we will keep you posted as we work through Luke's surgery.


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