Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go Peoria Christian Chrargers!

8th Grade! Elite Eight! 2008!

The last few weeks have been really busy! Shelby's 8th grade basketball team went to State. They won their region and their sectional and we headed off to Clinton for the first round of the State tournament Saturday. Sadly they lost in the first game, but the experience was fun. Their was a t-shirt, plaque and lunch at Busy Corner on the way home so we were all happy! Jess (my cousin and Shelby's 7th grade bball coach) went with us.

We are all well. Dave is still looking for a job. He is very active in his search and finds himself busy. Cole is studying for finals and spent last weekend celebrating Homecoming at PCS. Shelby just finished bball and hopes to play volleyball next. Piper is competing in gymnastics, which makes weekends a little complicated, but it all works out! We are all enjoying Luke so much. He is really starting to talk which is a huge praise considering the surgery. It is slow but we can tell he is trying really hard. He is such a blessing and constant reminder of God's mighty hand everyday. I never thought when we started this process that I would have a little boy running around screaming and laughing, but this is the best. He is perfect for our family. Random people will even say they think he looks like Dave! Ha Ha!

We hope everyone has a restful, Merry Christmas. The fact that we celebrate Jesus' birthday is so cool...it amazes me that so many people celebrate it without knowing the true meaning and do it anyway- That is so God! We pray you know the true meaning of knowing God! He loves you very much!

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