Sunday, August 24, 2008

Surgery Update for Luke

OK well it's Sunday morning and we have not done what I thought we would do!! Surprise! The image of us sitting around in the hospital room with nothing to do was not realistic. We did sit around for a couple hours without anything to do, but it was before the surgery and there wasn't anything to write about. After that I'm not sure how the time flew by so fast.

We arrived at the hospital at 7. Surgery scheduled for 9:20. They actually took him back at 11:15. He was in good spirits and we were holding up. It helped that my mom, dad and Jeremy arrived and hung out with us. Finally, he went back crying wrapped up in his own blanket. Dave's allergies were acting up and I just wiped the tears. We knew he was in good hands and everyone worked really hard at coordinating their times so he could have all three of the procedures done at this time. We are so thankful for that. Dr. Hertenstien came over and within 10 min. they paged us to say the tubes were done! Unbelievable. Next, Dr. Rhee came over from their office and within another 20 min. they paged us saying the circumcision was done. And finally Dr. Elwood worked on the palate. This took an hour and 45 mins. By this time my parents and Jeremy were gone, we had eaten lunch and were just visiting with people in the waiting room. Dave went up to recovery, I met my mom who had picked up the kids, fed them and we all were going to meet in his room. We did and what we found was a pathetic little guy. After that it was just hours of comforting him, couldn't have done that without all the great nurses, and my mom running the other kids around to all their stuff. We came home at 7:30 on Thursday night and have had a good weekend of recovery. He has to wear these arm splints so that he can't put anything in his mouth and I have to feed him a blenderized diet. That is the worst part because he wants to do everything himself. We are starting to feel like we are getting over the hump. We still have to watch him like a hawk, but are very encouraged that we have had such a great experience. Thanks for everyone's prayers, sweet messages and visits. We love you all. The Lord provided peace, Dr.s schedules to come together and alot of help. Thanks!

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