Saturday, November 1, 2008

Luke is 2!

Well, another few weeks have flown by. I just don't know how it can possibly be Nov. 1. We had a few milestones this month. Luke's 2nd Birthday was Oct. 20th. We celebrated by having family and friends gather in his honor. My uncle Tom dedicated him to the Lord for us with a wonderful message of parenting and adoption by Christ. We are so thankful to all our family and friends that have supported us spiritually and will continue to nurture Luke. We pray that he will also choose to have a relationship with Christ and recognize that we are responsible in helping him learn how to do that. He already folds his hands when we say "let's pray"!

Cole, Shelby and Piper are busy with their own responsibilities. Shelby is in basketball season and Piper's gymnastics meets have started. Dave is still in the job search, but having a great time looking!

Halloween was fun. The costumes are from the Harvest of Family Fun at church. On Halloween night we went to Shelby's basketball game and then her team had dinner out. Hannah and Natalie Zob were with us and it was fun. Not the typical, but a good night!

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