Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun Tradition!

I don't usually write about myself and what I'm doing, but this weekend I spent two days at a Women of Faith conference and I wanted everyone to know how fun these are and encourage you, if you can go, to do it! These conferences aren't new to me. I started going in 1997 and have been every year but two since. This year I was especially motivated to go since Steven Curtis Chapman was the concert on Friday night. The loss of the Chapmans daughter last May was something that Katie (my cousin) and I felt saddened and bonded about. Katie lives with a daughter in heaven and Maria, the Chapmans daughter, was adopted from China. The Godly example they are to the world about caring for the less fortunate and how to deal with grief is just mind boggling. It was so encouraging. For all those adoptive moms out their, Steven introduced his family and said they had 3 natural children and 3 "super" natural! I thought that was awesome and True! Their is something supernatural that happens when you are bonded, by God, through adoption. We couldn't do it without his supernatural power!

The theme was a "Grand New Day" and who doesn't need that! Alot of you have been to one and know the different speakers. Some are the same and some are different through the years, but everytime I go God meets me exactly where I am! New this year was Mandisa (American Idol) and Lisa Whelchel (Facts of Life and Author). they were both Amazing. Plus Steven and all the Old school ladies. Get some friends, family, co-workers, church ladies and GOOOO! Or I will take ya! Who's in?
Love, Missy


Matt and Katie said...

You don't even need to ask twice...of course I am in!!!!!!

doug&cristi said...

count me in...I remember how great those weekends are!

Jill Awtry said...

I would love to go with you, I wanted to go in Des Moines this year, but it fell on a bad day!!! Let me know the next one!!! I would like to attend!!!

Holli said...

so fun!
Katie I think every year you go to Women of Faith you are with child.... so will next year be the same? haha!
LOVE how Steven introduced his family! Totally stealing that!

BTW You look GREAT. Not that you usually don't- you do but even more so!

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