Monday, February 23, 2009

Giving Thanks 2009

Today we give thanks that Dave is back to work. With a very humble and glad heart he is starting a new job with Morton Machining. He drives 5 min. to his office and enjoys the people he is getting to know as he starts. We know there are alot of people who are looking for work at this time so we don't go into this without giving thanks for the Lord's provision. He will provide for your "needs" as you wait on him too. Dave says that now comes the real "trusting" that he will do a good job and learn quickly as he starts a new career. Thanks for all who have prayed, asked and even contributed in him finding work.

Over the weekend we spent most of our time cleaning, painting and organizing his new office. Piper was our source of energy and Luke was into everything. Needless to say Dave and Piper did most of the work. Shelby was at Winter Retreat with Church, and Cole was taking Lifegaurd and First Aid training.

Hope your doing well! Have a great week.


Jason, Kate and Tait Miller said...

Heard the great news Dave! Thankful when we can mark off a prayer on the list and answered! Enjoy the new job!

Holli said...

So is there going to be a new life guard at C.A.? :)

themcclellandfamily said...

That's awesome guys!! So happy for you and thanking God with you.

Anonymous said...

I am glad God is providing for you. You are in my prayers always. China was probably a lot like Japan. Know that I love you guys and the kids. Please don't hate me. I miss you so much sometimes I can't breath. But I know that in heaven, we will all be able to put things behind us and celebrate. God bless.

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