Monday, June 9, 2008

Preparing for China

After hours of practice Dave and Cole got this blog up and running. Our departure date is Thursday, June 12. While we are gone please pray for us--specifically for safe and timely travels. And most importantly, pray for Luke and his transition to our family. For 11 years God has blessed our family with so many joys that we will cherish in our memories "before Luke". What fun we have had! We now eagerly anticipate our new addition and all the memories we can share with Luke. We are ready to welcome him to the party!


Matt & Katie said...

That is right it has been quite a PAR TA!!!!! And now to had even more fun to it with LUKE...we can't wait......I mean seriously hurry up and get over there;) Continuing to PRAY!!!!!

Matt & Katie said...

Soory it is ADD not had

Jon and Sheila said...

Love the web-site!!! Can't wait for more up-dates. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

hey guys! we will keep you in our prayers and are so happy for you. May the Lord give you what you need at just the right times!
we love you and it was so good to see you at the wedding! Can't wait to meet Luke!
April and Nathan

The Luces said...

Thanks for the blog address. I've been praying for you guys, especially for you all to adjust to each other and to fall in love with Baby Luke. I've been praying for Luke to adjust well and not be afraid and for him to fall in love with you all and to love and live for the Lord.


Jason, Kate and Tait Miller said...

We are so excited to see his sweet face in person! The Lord has given you such a wonderful family and now it's time to spread the love. To show Luke what family is and to show him the love of the Father! What an awesome privilege! Be safe- we love you all!

Janice said...

Our prayers are with you for safe and timely travel. Looking forward to meeting Luke!
Love you guys,
The Forest City Nicholson's

Samantha said...

Hey Shelb! miss ya soooo much! cant wait to see you and Luke! Hope you're having a blast! Love Ya!


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