Monday, June 23, 2008


Sheila said...

That's cool about Jordan! It's neat how Luke's name openned a door to a fellow believer. :)

Trisha said...

once again God is good! why are we surprised that a believer was put into your path?! so awesome. you just wonder what kind of medical memories luke has from the past. he looked a little unsettled, but "the rock" came through! good job DAV. still loving the pic's and the fact that you are shopping and getting good deals! i want to know how piper faired in her squash debut. i hope she was the winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!!! go pipey poo! get missy sue a starbucks cuz if mama ain't happy nobody's happy!! gotta getta starbucks!! counting down the days til we see you all!!!! it's almost here. love!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Every day is a joy to hear of what you are doing and about Luke. A little news of the DeRoons--they have sold their house and Chloe and Eli have been accepted at the Christian School. Chloe has to be in 5th grade--probably because of age requirements in California. I told her that the material will all be different and, anyway now she and Piper will graduate the same year. (Piper, you are missing Bible School at our church. I have seen Brianna--she is wearing glasses.)

The Awtrys went to Simpson College for their 40th Reunion and now 3 couples and 1 single are at Lake Thunderhead until midweek (Including jane and Bob Harrison.)
Will and I are both ok.
Enjoyed hearing about your shopping, That TEACHER did make a difference!!!!

LLcaseworker said...

What a joy following your trip has been - Luke is such a great addition to the family! Look forward to seeing all of you soon

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to have a day off. Some call it retirement! Enjoy your time there. Back home, as of approx. noon Monday, Ben was called back up to the Rays for Tuesday's game with Miami. Sunday in Durham, he hit a two run homer in the first inning of a rain shortened Bulls victory. Let's hope he continues. Luckily, he's not a Cub!

Too bad I'm not there so Piper could win big! I think I'm better at ping-pong than squash.

Uncle Neil

P.S. Kathy and I found all your locations on Goggle Earth. We even found the Starbucks!

Shawgo's said...

While Dave is doing a fantastic job withstanding the literary pressure to produce a compelling journal, I now find myself very intrigued by the exciting news that Marla has for you. I don't even know who Marla is. I hope Marla knows by now that after the last two weeks that we have no secrets in Blogland. She is now obligated to share with all her news. This could be the blog sequel we've all been hoping for. She can be the Colby's to the Nicholson's Dynasty. Ok, ok, all you youngin's are thinking, say what???

Matt & Katie said...

Dave you need to give yourself credit. It looks like you handled your, what 2 mins, with the doctors like a true ROCK. No seriously I have seen you with your kids (and mine) and when they need you, you are good to go!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of Luke reaching for his daddy:):) And I know you will be great for all his appointments when you get back to the states. Love you guys...enjoy your breakfast and day!!!

piper said...

hey guys its piper i miss you sooooo much hey elli is your arm any better and daisy are your teeth ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????marla call my dads cell number 472-1180

Darcy Riddle said...

I absolutely love following your journey through the blog and pictures. It has become part of my morning routine. Thank you for sharing! Luke is so precious, and it warms my heart to know that he was created to be in your family. We continue to pray daily for all of you. Now just get home already!

doug&cristi said...

Our breakfasts are rather lacking compared to Dave's narrative:)Doug & Ryan are dancing in the kitchen while the coffee is brewing-ha! we are grateful for the A-OK medical step closer to home!
It won't be long now...the Dairy Queen & Country Aire are just a few plane rides you & Dean & Sara send their love too!!!

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