Saturday, June 21, 2008


Olivia Shawgo said...

Precious!! Looks like you guys are having loads of fun...but we miss you all back in the USA. =) But Cole-I have to say... that Camp Rock was awesome!! =) Ya I know how pathetic am I for spending a whole evening sitting on the couch watching tv and eating ice cream. haha. we know how that goes =) But anyway...I love reading your adventures and Luke is SO adorable!!! Can't wait 'til you all are home!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
We are enjoying your pictures and
your adventure so much!
Thanks for sharing!!! Love the
stroller picture!
Jim and Nancy H.

haleigh said...

hey you all look like you are having a blast with lukey doo! love the swimming pictures and when you get back i will teach lukey doo to do a belly flop teehee and to do a cartwheel off the diving board hahaha soo mcuh fun cant wait! miss you all!

love ya Haleigh

p.s. cole---livi was right camp rock totally rocked! we'll all have to watch it when you get home.

Janice said...

Hey ya'll! We love hearing about all of your adventures in China! Can't wait to meet Luke and see you all again!
The Forest City Nicholson's

Amber Christ said...

Hey Nicholsons!!
We miss you guys and you are in our prayers. I talked to Jan Hohoulin about you guys leaving for China. Cole- I noticed in the pictures that you were wearing your p.e. shirt. I wear mine all the time!! Hope to see you soon!! Enjoy your trip.

Matt & Katie said...

Who needs Disneyworld when you've got I right!!! You"ve done the rides, you've played games, eating interesting foods, and a light show at night(sort of). Ok it may be a little different but still come on, how great is it? Loved the pool pics. He is definitly your child if he loves the water, God knew=)

Jason, Kate and Tait Miller said...

Missy- Thanks for the comments. he does have strong genes from the dark side doesn't he! HAHAHA. We love him anyways! I haven't heard any news from the storrs yet. I am sure she is ready to be done. enjoy the final days in China. I am soooooo ready to see that guy! I told J, that all this blogging and hearing the stories from you all makes me want to adopt so badly! Love you all! Enjoy the day.

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