Friday, June 20, 2008


Matt and Katie said...

welcome back fat dave oh how we have missed you. thanks for the info we even like hearing about your uneventful days that seem eventful to us, but i have one question "What is Luke sleeping in bed wise"? Looking forward to taking Piper to the boat in the future;)

Matt and Katie said...

So how does the food over there compare to Linn's. Sorry you could not have a pegasus, I will eat one for you. I think that it is cool that you are getting information on the location of Luke's origin. Katie suggested trying to get a picture of his town or village to hang in his room. Since China is a soccer nation you should probably get some soccer periphenilia. And maybe something for Luke or you, if you want. HAHA.

Jason, Kate and Tait Miller said...

glad you enjoyed a down day! gotta have some normal days in between the crazy ones! glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

GET THAT BOY HOME! Sounds like your time in China is going well. Enjoy each moment. Just a quick update on thing back home. Tonight your guys are missing the men's steak fry at church (Rocke's steaks!) alson thought you might like to hear that Ben played his first game last night after his shoulder injury. He went 2 for 4 with a walk, also the Rays swept a three game series with the CUBS! This is probably the beginning for the slide!

Hurry Home,
Uncle Neil

Anonymous said...

awwww lukey doo is soo precious! and so are the rest of you! teehee! well looks like you guys are doing great and having a blast miss you alL! keep up the pics and writing they are fabulous !

love you all!

Anonymous said...

Hey all! Good morning and safe travels today! Will this be
Luke's first plane ride? That should be exciting! Jenny

Anonymous said...

OK...So have you been to Ruth's Chris or not? Where are my onion rings? Glad to hear things are going so well. Seems like a great way to get to know Luke and his culture. Thanks for sharing the experience. And, the Cubs just came from behind to beat the Sox, so Uncle Neil's slide can wait. Good luck playing hearts. Travel safe. Craig and the Wrights

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicholsons'!!!

So fun to catch up on your week in China with new baby Luke. Is he the cutest kid or what!?! But then, I'm kind of partial to boys. :)

Well, we are finally back from Mexico and are spiritually full, but physically tired and pooped !!!!(literally) All but about 3 people out of the 59 of us came home with diarrhea. We haven't been able to figure out yet what it was. None of us ate the exact thing and were sick at the same time. Oh well, sorry for being so graphic to all who are reading this but I thought that the Nicholson's might be interested in stories from home.

It is so fun to see what you all are experiencing with pictures and Dave's stories. It was cute to see how Luke started out looking reserved with you all on the first day and then by the second day, he already warmed up to you all with big smiles!!!

I also thought that the orphanage looked soooo nice and new!!! I guess it really looked nice to me though since we were just at a poor Mexican orphanage last week. Wow - what a difference!!!!

And the scenary looked beautiful too. Not what I was expecting. I'm sorry to go on so long, I just had a thought...Do I have a limit in how much I can write? Just kidding, sort of!!!

I'd better sign off but just wanted to write and tell you how excited we are for you and that we are all home safe and sound.

Love - the Hohulin's

Ben and Jules, and Zion said...

We can't wait to meet Luke! (A great name for him by the way...he just looks like a Luke) Love the picture of him sitting with Dave...precious! Might be too late for this, but wanted to say it may be fun to have a traditional "outfit" for him for when he's older... may be more to a girls liking, but it might be cool! Love yall, Jules

Heather S. said...

So I found your blog in a totally random round about way. I knew you were adopting, but so excited to read first had all about it!! Luke is so sweet and he is so lucky to have you as a family!! God bless you and I will pray for a safe return!!
Heather (Leitch) Swinigan

Anonymous said...

I love this Missy!!! I just can't believe we were at the pool a few days ago talking about it and now here you are. Luke is SO cute. I love looking forward to the updates!

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